Mindshark Marketing Reveals What Really Matters in SEO

Companies looking up SEO for the first time will get a bombardment of information from many providers of the service it can be overwhelming. A lot of the advice and tips given then will most likely discourage a company looking to give search engine optimization a chance and possibly change their business’ future. Mindshark Marketing has been working at optimizing client’s businesses for close to a decade now, and the experience has allowed for the perfection of all supposed tips. Leaving only what is useful as the strategies that Mindshark Marketing implements for their clients, and it works like magic all the time.


Here is a breakdown of what Mindshark Marketing deems necessary when implementing SEO strategies for clients. Backlinks, a phenomenon just like public relations, only for the online world. It matters who else thinks your website has relevant content for what people are always looking for. When search engines like Google look for results to what has been searched by daily visitors to their site, they are ranked considering how many other websites are talking about them. More than anything, it matters too how many different types of websites have links coming back to your website. It matters then, for a business to have a network of other webmasters who help in that matter.

Bounce rates, the measured length of stay for clients on the content on landing pages. Websites with high bounce rates have been observed to rank lower than those with content that encourages users to read more. Usually, this is determined by how long the blocks of content are, the length of stay seems inversely proportional to the number of words. Visitors basically have little time to spend reading 2000 word articles, they like reading short and precise articles that give them exactly what they are looking for.

The above point should not lead to only short articles, on the contrary, long articles have a better chance to appear first in search results. This could be due to their ability to soak up as much of the keyword as possible. Keywords are what people type into the search engine when looking for services or products. The more relevant an article is to the search terms, the better it will rank and be found by readers, who most likely then turn into clients.

The long content articles that rank high usually are written by very skilled writers, this improves its quality and accuracy. Such articles get shared a lot on social media, allowing them more traffic and better ranking as well. Social media is playing a big part of how pages rank, which helps if they have a strong presence across all options and thousands of people talking about them.

Apart from all these lines of thought that have brought recurring success for clients working with Mindshark Marketing, there are a lot of other things to consider. The teams at Mindshark Marketing have been proving themselves worth the efforts they put to action.

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